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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Trump’s “Climate Change” Decision; This is Leadership?

Well no, it’s not. This, folks, is abandonment of leadership at its most egregious. In the face of overwhelming scientific evidence that the climate of this planet is heating up, and that it’s the fault of humans that this is so, our astoundingly ignorant Chief Executive has declared that it just ain’t so, and if it is happening we can’t afford to fix it, so it ain’t so. In response to a shit-storm of ignorance, the most ignorant man ever to be elected President of the USA made the most ignorant decision since Eve decided that apples were food (yeah, I know, there’s nothing in the story that says it was an apple tree, but it’s in the mythology now).He declared that Global Warming (aka, Climate Change) doesn’t exist, and announced that the USA would pull out of the Paris Agreement... an agreement among all but two countries (now three) to dramatically reduce the production of greenhouse gasses.
There is absolutely no scientific support for this decision. Our Cheeto-In-Chief accepted the advice of lobbyists, ideologues in his own party and his wealthy peers over the reasoned science of climatologists and other climate scientists, plus the support of biologists, particularly Wildlife Biologists. He has listened to his wealthy peers and those far beyond him in wealth for whom this is only a short term economic decision.  There are precisely zero climate scientists  who disagree witn the basic tenets of global warming science. . .none, nada, zip, zilch. And the argument that they’ve closed ranks to maintain their lucrative positions is laughably inane. Scientists study the science that interests them, and get paid pathetically poorly for the knowledge they produce. Very few become wealthy, and most that do have started a business. These guys study the climate, and they’re damned good at it.
Scientists of other disciplines support, by a greater than nine to one margin, the idea of androgenic (human caused) climate change. Why? Because we know how science is done when it’s done properly. And we can read the studies and see that it has been done properly in this case. I don’t understand the jargon of climate science, but I don’t have to. The business of trying to prove oneself wrong is evident in their work, whereas, in the work of the opposition “scientists” work is done to prove oneself correct, and that is evident to any other scientist.
So don’t tell me I’m no more qualified than you are to evaluate the science that has produced the hypothesis of androgenic climate change. I am more qualified if I’m a scientist and you’re not. I am if I’m a scientist and you aren’t. In fact, when it comes to the facts, you count for nothing, because your arguments are based on ignorance of science in general and this science in particular. We don’t vote on facts. And I’m NOT going to debate this. That you will try to do so simply emphasizes my point.