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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Representative Candice Miller (R-Mi) POLL

My Representative, Candice Miller, a very nice person who is, inexplicably, a Republican, sent me her newsletter. In addition to the usual Republican reasons why we can’t do anything to help real people, and how “her” $61 Billion Health care Reform program is superior the proposed program, she threw this incredibly dishonest “POLL” at me:
The top Priority of Congress should be:
• Passing tax cuts for families and job providers to create new jobs

o Response: Yeah, we tried that. The only “families” that benefitted to any actually helpful degree were those who make more than $100,000/yr, and “job providers” turned out to be folks who make more than $250,000. Instead of creating jobs, they pocketed the money and sent the jobs across the Pacific Ocean.
o So, no – let’s NOT do this one.
Passing a market based approach to health care which will lower costs
o Response: Sure, that’s the ticket… Oh, wait… a market based health care system is what we have NOW. If that’s what we need, why do most folks (except Rush Limbaugh) think it needs changing? And why do at least 30 million American CITIZENS have no effective access to any of it?
o And let’s NOT do this one, either.
Passing a health care plan that expands the role of government
o Response: Well, of course… the ONLY reason we believe a comprehensive overhaul of the American health care delivery system is needed is because it’s our goal to see just how much we can grow government year over year for the next decade. It has NOTHING whatsoever to do with the abjectly rotten delivery system and astonishingly poor national average healthcare outcome in the USA, or those 30 million American CITIZENS who have no effective access to any of it whom I mentioned above.
o Tell you what… Let’s DO this one. We’ll see how the government expansion thing works out.
Passing Cap and Trade, national energy tax to reduce CO2 emissions
o You know, substituting the word “tax” for “policy” doesn’t ake it so. The POLICY is, indeed, to add to the cost of burning fossil fuels and encourage the use of alternative methods of energy production. That much is true, but to call it a tax is simply to pander to the nonsense “government should be free” nonsense Republicans have fostered for the last hundred years.
o I’m thinkin’ we SHOULD do this, or something very like it. Global Warming, and our part in it, are both very real. Time we stepped up.
Passing an “All of the Above’ energy plan to create new jobs.
o Since you have not listed or otherwise identified “All” in that statement, I dunno that I can support that…
o So-o-o-o… NO, unless you give me a hint.
Reducing spending to lower our federal budget deficit.
o OK – what spending are we talking about? I’m guessing that we're just gonna have to drop that whole heath care reform thing, eh? And mebbe let the majority of major banking institutions and the “Arsenal of America” go down the tubes and be outsourced when we need ‘em next time?
o I’m thinkin’ we’ll take a pass on this one for a bit, as well.
Thanx for thinkin’ of me, anyway.

BTW – the vote on her website is about 50 -50 on the healthcare options. Market-based is leading slightly at 124 – 113.

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