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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Well, We Screwed The Pooch For Fair This Time

We had it locked. We had a Democratic super-majority in the Senate, a solid majority in the House, a Democratic President committed to healthcare reform, a fully realized plan that had been developed over YEARS of trying (including a National Single Payer Plan), and a solid year to "git 'er done!" And we managed to fail.

Not THAT took work. First we had to drop Single Payer the first day of Senate Committee consideration. Baucus did that unilaterally, as a sop to Republicans I think, and actually had witnesses arrested for trying to testify in favor of it. Then the President sold us out to the Pharmaceutical companies and Insurance companies.

THEN we started infighting. Liebermann decided to get even with the Party for throwing him under the bus in the last election and threatened to "veto" it if there was even a public option. Then that idiot Stupak in the House stuck the anti-abortion poison pill in it, which was promptly countered by a promise by one Senator to vote against the bill if that WAS in it.

And we delayed and delayed while the neocons and Republicans lied and lied until the people they were lying to began telling their lies FOR them. STILL we had a chance, until...

Ted Kennedy died, and the Democrats nominated a supercilious twit who wouldn't campaign, and managed to lose a 30 point lead and drop the election by a full five points.

WE DID THIS! We managed to slowly, painfully, excruciatingly drag defeat from the jaws of easy victory ourselves. Despite Republican and neocon efforts, THIS WAS WON FOUR MONTHS AGO! And we hammered it into the ground and buried it ALL BY OURSELVES!

This was obdurate stupidity's finest hour. Watching this collapse day by day and hour by hour... we Democrats did did NOTHING, and let it die.

Blamed Idjits!!!

I'm done. I'm old, I'm tired, I'm fed up, I'm discouraged and I'm depressed. Y'all fight this out now. Try again in sixteen or twenty years, because nobody's gonna try again now.

And for all you Republicans who said you had a better plan... let's see it. Let's see if you really care about us out here.

But of course you don't, so we won't see anything, will we?

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