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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Why Am I Here?

I am here, writing this blog, primarily to help counter the absurd neo-con (hyper-conservative) overload in the blogosphere and on the air. The hatred and evil being spewed daily against President Obama and the Democratic Party is nauseating. These people would have you believe that I, and all liberals (pronounced "lib'rul"), are active enemies of America. They will tell you that we, led by President Obama, are deliberately and consciously attempting to turn America into some sort of client-state of a One World Government dominated by some shadowy group of people who will enslave us all.

I'm here to tell you that's nonsense. We do NOT "hate America," nor do we "hate freedom and liberty," NOR are we planning the deliberate destruction of the USA. Oddly enough, we don't think the neo-cons do either. We think they're silly, maybe in some instances moonbat crazy, but we DON'T think they're deliberately and consciously trying to destroy the country.

We DO recognize that there is a terrorist threat, but we think this country has done enough declaring war. We'll fight the terrorists, but we don't see any point in running so scared that we give up our freedoms and liberties to save them. We ALSO think that, so long as we're dependent on the medieval people who run things in the middle east for our energy needs, maybe we should quit constantly antagonizing them, get on with the business of making them irrelevant, and maybe avoid fighting any more two and three-front wars.

We're generally great proponents of science and technology, and we see freedom FROM religion and Ludditeism as essential to maintaining constant increase in our knowledge and scientific ability. It is apparent to us that mixing science and religion does NOTHING to forward scientific knowledge, but DOES result in distraction and confusion to no purpose.

In short, liberals are NOT anti-American, are NOT anti-Christian and are NOT anti-defense. We ARE anti-scare-mongering, we ARE pro-science, and we ARE anti-terrorist. We simply think the previous administration went about all these things SO wrong-headedly that we're actually worse of in ALL those arenas than we were nine years ago.


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  2. "but we think this country has done enough declaring war."

    We have not declared War since WWII. That's the problem, and it one of the main reasons all these wars since then have been unconstitutional.

  3. Matthew, you have a point. I should have been clearer. We "announce" wars. We have the "war on drugs," the "war on terror," the "war on obesity," the... oh, Hell, you know what I mean. I'm heartily sick of these "announced "wars on..." that just eat up people and money.

  4. Me too! They also eat up freedom...

  5. I got to your blog from Gather. How can I follow your posts by email?

    Thank you!

  6. That's good, 'cause I couldn't have told you.